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Williams Second Riding Lesson

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William had his second riding lesson a couple of weeks ago and he had a lot of fun. This time he got to work with his Aunt Lisa’s horse. He is a really handsome buckskin that is only 5 years old and acts like a teenage boy. He is kinda like do I really have to do this? Then when you have him in his stall he is kinda like OK, let’s see what I can do to get attention. He really likes to bob his head when you are in front of his stall so you give him attention. He has quite the personality.

Lisa, William, and Gentry

He did groundwork with him and was funny, his aunt was telling him to go around him and pat on him, jump around next to him. She was showing him how to desensitize a horse. William looked at me like mom I don’t want to pat on him while walking around him. Well, in his eyes he would be hitting him and he didn’t want to hit the horse. We compromised that he just needed to keep his hands on him and walk around and jump next to him. After they were done he got to ride him. This is pretty special that he got to rind him because Lisa hasn’t even let Darren her husband ride him yet. When he was done on the way home he tells me that he likes to do groundwork with Gentry and likes riding Soli. I am very happy that he has the opportunity to learn so much and have an outlet every week.

Lisa, William, and Soli

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