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The Zion Trip Day 3

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We woke up pretty early and headed out the door. We were headed to Bryce Canyon, the way my husband chose to go was the long way. We actually dipped down into Northern Arizona. There is a whole lot of nothing that way.

We finally get to the entrance of the Park and I must say this is definitely a different park. There are pull off areas along the sides of the road that have small parking lots. The first area does not really have a lot other than a view of the land and a Raven that liked to pose for the camera.

The next stop was a view of the land and a rock formation with a hole in it.

There was one more stop along the way, but there was nothing much there. The last stop was the parking area for the main hiking area. There were bathrooms and multiple hiking trails. You won’t think much of it when you get there, but as you walk around you see the beauty. The trail that goes to the main viewing area has a trail entrance that goes down into the main canyon. We didn’t go down into the canyon because there was no way I would be able to get out of it. It is pretty steep. My husband and son walked around to the trail area and took some pictures. I walked down to the main viewing area and it was breathtaking. While I was down there I became the photographer for a couple people.

My husband and son finally made it back to me and as we are standing there a huge gust of wind hits everyone and pushes you forward one step.

We headed down the mountain just as the sun was starting to go down. There were quite a few deer out, I think in one herd we seen at least 15. We get to bed early for our next day of adventures.

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