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The Final Days of Zion Trip

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I condensed like 3 days into this one post because nothing interesting happened those days. We drove through the never ending desert of Nevada to Winnemucca. We stayed the night there and then drove home from there. We were definitely happy to be home in our own beds. We had a 2 days of recovery before the crazy week began. I was responsible for dropping off the rental car. I had to have it back by 10:00am. So, I got up and got ready to get in the shower and notice that I was having chest and back pain. I thought that a mussel may have been upset from the trip. I got in the shower thinking that the heat may help. While I was showering the pain went up my neck and down my left arm. I got out and got dressed and called my husband and he told me to go out to his dad. I get to him and tell him that I need to take the car back and then I thought that I needed to go to the hospital. I don’t know why I was so determined to get the car back, but I got told that I was going to the ER.

I get checked out and come to find out I had a ton of blood clots. I had one go to my right kidney (the kidney pain on the trip), so many go to my lungs they didn’t count (why I couldn’t walk far), quite a few go to my feet (why it hurt to walk and the color was not from my new shoes), and one go to the left side of my heart because I have a shunt in my lungs somewhere that allowes it to go to my heart or brain and it cause a heartattack. The cause was not from riding in the car, but from my birth control and I have a protein S deficiency. Our local hospital was telling me I was the sickest healthy person they had seen and they didn’t know what to do with me. I got transported to OHSU and have all the senior doctors because I am such a weird case. So, this trip was definitely one for the books and will be shared for many years.

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