Starting a Stables

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So, being that we are moving to Idaho and plan on starting a Stables I have decided to document what I am doing. That way people can get an idea and maybe inspire someone to start their own business. It is a ton of work and research to get all the correct laws and posting the correct information on your stables wall so you are not held liable.

Then there is the insurance stuff! Let me tell you that is some confusing stuff! The different types they have for farms, stables and even having horse. For instance there is insurance for your horse Incase it gets out and totals someone’s car, there is also commercial so while your are doing classes you are covered the. There is just farm insurance that covers your outbuildings and then homeowners insurance for your house. We are also starting from scratch just a little. My parents supply everything for me right now so it is time for me to get my own.

Considering that we own 3 horses right now we need too. I gave my green broke Registered Appendix (Quarter horse/Thoroughbred) to my son because after all my health problems I have to be on blood thinners and can’t risk getting hurt when I break her. She will be perfect for my son though. Then we have Shad that is Morgan/apply cross and he is about 33. Which is also why I gave my horse to my son Shad is getting really old. Then there is my father in-laws Percheron, but my husband is going to take her. She is a big handful that is spoiled rotten! I’m going to attempt to ride her this spring and break some of her habits.

I also decided for my reward of loosing weight I am going to get a horse. I want a draft cross. I really like the draft Appaloosa cross, they have the spots just like the Appaloosa and are not huge like the draft. Kinda a happy medium. I am partial to appaloosa because that is what I grew up on and like their stubborn attitude that people don’t like. Well, that is that and I will give you the details as I go.

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