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Second Day in Idaho (Christmas Eve)

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It was a pretty easy day, nice and relaxed because we decided just to go grocery shopping and stayed at home with my sister in-laws grandma the rest of the time. When my sister in-law asked my brother in-law to peel the butternut squash my nephew wanted to help him. He has never shown an interest in cooking with his dad before and it was so exciting to see him ready to help. My brother in-law would peel the outer part off the squash and then chop it and Landon would put it in the pan.

Landon does not like change or trying new things so this is a big deal for him to step out of his comfort zone. When we sat down to eat dinner Landon even ate the squash that he helped make. This kid only eats his peanut butter toast, chicken, French fries, tater-tots and rice. He sticks to the same thing all the time, but this time he wanted to try squash.

After dinner we all opened one present before bed and this is Heather’s tradition of gifting new P.J’s to everyone to wear to bed for Christmas morning.

A little about my sister in-law. I didn’t have to worry much when my brother in-law started dating her. She was my best friend and one of my neighbors growing up and we already knew everything about each other. She use to come to see my son at the house when he was a baby, but then she gradually started to come and see my brother in-law. She is one of the people that have stayed in my life no matter what happens and we can pick up right form where we left off last time we were together. Like I always say I truly lucked out when it comes to all my in-laws.

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