New Adventure

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My husband’s Aunt and Uncle manage a horse stables and went and visited and she fixed my hair. That’s a whole other story.

Anyway, when we went and visited them we walked around the barn and their son had to show my son all the horses and hold his hand the whole time.

He is such a cute kid! He is also correct on everything he tells you. Like for instance he showed us his mini and he said “that her name is Rosie and she is a mini, she is not a pony. She is just really big for a mini.” He is so polite and cute when he corrects you. My Aunt and Uncle definitely raised this young man correctly.

I am pretty excited because I get to go and work with their old horse. This is one thing I have been wanting to do and my horse is to wild for me to work with without help. I’m hoping to catch a couple tips on how to handle her with groundwork and then throw my son on her. I made the decision to give my horse to my son because I can’t risk breaking her fully and getting hurt. My son is more than excited to start their journey together.

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