My Next Big Adventure

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So, I have decided that I am going to get my Real Estate License. My plan is to get on with a company to get everything started and get enough money for a good down payment on a house. Then move and transfer to Idaho. We want to move over there because both my husband and I would benefit from moving to an area that has more sun than clouds and doesn’t rain most the time and my son would enjoy it over there quite a bit more. Plus, we have family there and it would be nicer to be closer to them. When I transfer I want to build my name and eventually start my own Real Estate business.

When we move I would really like to buy a house that is set up for a horse stables and start that business also. I figure that I am going to have to have amazing insurance because I do own horses right now and I have to buy a place that is big enough for them also. Plus, I have to have the insurance because I plan on doing 4H at our house because no one in Idaho does alpacas and that is the project that my son does. So, why not make money off the property to pay for it and the insurance. I also take care of my own horses every day and have to do the same exact things that I would have to do with the full care horses that would be bored at the stables. 

I really enjoy helping people find the perfect house. I use to rent houses to people and the reaction to the adults and kids when they find the perfect house is priceless. I did not enjoy having to evict people and I do not have to do that when I sell a house to someone. Caring for animals brings me joy and it is therapeutic for me. The main thing I do now is taking care of the house teach my son and the animals. I know how to nurse and care for animals because I do a lot of rescues and my newest rescue is a cat that was starved and abused. I will be adding a post about her here really soon. The rescue before that was my son’s alpacas and I will be doing a post about those fuzzy pets. I think that my plan is a really good one and I would really enjoy doing something like this. What do you guys think about my next adventure? I would really like some input on this big decision.

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