Laundry tips and tricks

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It is always nice to know some tricks for laundry. If you count my husband I have to clean stains out of two kids clothes because he gets as many stains in his clothes as his child. Here are some ways I found to get stains out.

  • Grass stains ——– Vinegar
  • Red wine      ——– White wine
  • Grease          ——– Soda
  • Blood            ——– Hydrogen peroxide
  • Oil                 ——– White chalk
  • Coffee           ——– Baking soda
  • Sweat           ——– Lemon juice
  • Deodorant   ——–Denim
  • Lipstick        ——-  Baby Wipe
  • Ink                ——– Milk
  • Makeup       ——– Shaving cream
  • Crayon- Sprinkle baking soda onto the crayon and rub with a cloth.
  • Chocolate- Rinse with cold water through the back side then rub with a little with dish soap and let sit for about 5 minutes, then soak for 20 minutes in cold water.
  •  Dry erase ink- Rub the stain with dish soap and damp cloth then wash as normal.

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