Getting to know your child

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This I found interesting! I came up with 30 questions to ask my son and he answered most of them the way I thought he would, but some I didn’t know. Now mind you my son is 14 and his answers are a little bit more adult like. I wish I would have thought of this when he was younger. I would have loved to hear his answers then, but this is a quick easy way to see your child’s answers to questions that help you get to know them.

  1. What is your favorite meal mom/dad cooks for you?             Mom- Cheeseburger soup. Dad- Dad doesn’t cook.
  2. What is something mom always says to you?                            Listen and focus
  3. How old is mom/dad?                                                                     Mom-34 Dad-35 (correct on both)
  4. What do you enjoy doing with mom/dad?                                       Mom – Anything, you are my mom. Dad- Working on stuff.
  5. What is mom/dad’s favorite food?                                                Mom- Hawiian. Dad-Pizza
  6. What is your favorite restaurant and what do you like there? Ixtapa and Ixtapa burrito
  7. What is the weather like today?                                                     Sunny and cold
  8. What do you like doing the most?                                                 Riding my 4-wheeler
  9. Where is the next place you want to go on vacation to?                            Montana, because it is supposed to be pretty country
  10. What is the best animal?                                                                              Dog
  11. What is your dream car?                                                                               Dodge Hell Cat
  12. What is your favorite color?                                                                         Hunter orange
  13. What is mom/dad’s job?                                                                              Mom – I don’t know you do a lot of things. Dad- Renting equipment or whatever the technical term is for that.
  14. How does mom/dad laugh?                                                                           You both laugh obnoxiously
  15. How tall is mom/dad?                                                                                   You both are shorter than me.
  16. Do you like shopping?                                                                                  No, it is boring
  17. Who is your favorite superhero?                                                                  Batman because he is smart.
  18. What superpower do you wish you had?                                                 Strength, so I could work on my truck easier
  19. Who are your friends?                                                                                    Owen, Kyla, Joseph, Arianna, Breanna, Ryan
  20. What is your favorite season?                                                                 Summer, there is no school and the weather is good
  21. What is your favorite song?                                                         Bottoms up, of course it’s country
  22. If you had one wish what would it be?                                                      To have everything I ever wanted
  23. What is your happiest memory?                                                                  I don’t know? Recently is the trip to Utah and Nevada.
  24. What is one thing you are afraid of?                                                          The dog that attacked me
  25. What is your favorite holiday?                                                                     Christmas because you get to eat lots of food and spend time with family.
  26. Do you want to get married when you are older?                               Not for a while
  27. Which is better swimming in a pool or in the ocean?                            Pool!! No sharks
  28. What is your favorite summer activity?                                                    Going to the dunes.
  29. What was mom/dad like when we were a kid?                                   Mom- Pain in the butt. Dad- pain in the butt also (laughing as he says it)
  30. What is mom/dad’s favorite thing to do?                                                      Mom- Anything.  Dad- Working on cars

By the time I was done with the questions my son says to me ”mom you are really starting to annoy me with all these questions!” I just looked at him and laughed. Then he says “you know I love you right?” I said “yes, I know you do.” Before anything is said to me about the way he said this. I need you to know that my son and I have a close relationship and we joke around quite a bit. So that being said maybe only ask part of the questions at a time.

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