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First day in Idaho

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Before I get started I have to explain that my nephew is Seven and non-verbal Autistic and when he has a good day it is something that will literally warm your soul. When he is happy it is the most genuine thing ever. You can not help but be happy around him. I must add that with in the last 2 years he has finally accepted me into his little circle. He use to push me out of the room when I was around him. It was something I was not use to and hard to process. Kids love me, but he was a hard one to win over. I finally did and it is the best feeling ever.

We decided to take him to the mall with us to get out of the house. Now mind you this is an outside mall and it is winter. It’s not that bad though they have fires that are in the common area with an ice skating rink that you can warm up by. We went through a couple stores and both Landon and I needed a break from all the people.

My husband got Hungary so he wanted to get tacos so while he did that my Sister in-law and I took Landon to where the fires were to get warmed up. My Sister in-law showed Landon how to warm his hands. He was standing on the step for his stroller and was very content with his cherry bombs and the nice warm fire. I kept a hold of the stroller so it didn’t move and he could enjoy himself.

He looked down at my hands and thought they were cold so he grabbed them and held them up to the fire. It wasn’t just grabbing them and putting them up there, it was as if he was showing me how to warm my hands just like his mom just did with him. I was so amazed that he put that together and that he thought he needed to make sure my hands were warm. That little moment of him doing that and being like “Aunty why are you not putting your hands up here?” Look you do it like this. Those little moments that most take for granted are the things that make you realize that all the things you thought were important are not that important. The little things are what matter like the little boy that noticing that your hands are cold and showing you how to warm them.

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