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We will be starting a Stables in Idaho when we move and I am going to start planning now. My husband is wondering why I am starting to plan now instead of when we move and I told him that I need to prep myself now and get everything I will be needing planned out. It isn’t as easy as moving into a house that is set up for it. It is planning the name, where the stables should be, how many horses you will board, all the supplies you need, good vets in the area, hay suppliers in the area, trainers, classes you can hold, what type of insurance that will be needed, what insurance company to go through, what licensing we will need, what signs need to be posted on the property, etc.

Finally he realized why I was planning and what it is going to all in tail to do the stables. Plus I plan on getting my real estate license this year so I can make some sort of income. Then I plan on doing this blog and I home school. I may be crazy and something may have to give somewhere and it will most likely be the real estate license because my ultimate goal is making money off my blog. I know it is going to be a ton of work, but like I always say “STAY POSITIVE AND MOTIVATED!” This is actually something I can see me doing and something I enjoy.

Now for the real reason I made this post. I am trying to come up with names for the stables and want your input. So far I have came up with the following that I like.

  • Whispering Pines Stables
  • Quail Run Stables
  • Old Oak Stables
  • Iron River Stables
  • Knotty Pine Stables
  • Aspen Meadow Stables
  • Whispering Sage Stables
  • Weeping Willow Stables

If there is one that you like please give your input and if you have any that you can think of please let me know. I think this will be my greatest adventure yet.

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