Day Trips For The Pacific Northwest

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Trip #1

Multnomah Falls is located in the Columbia River George. It is between Corbet and Dodson on I-84. The drive is mainly on Interstates for us. We take I-5 to I-205 and then hit I-84. You can also take backroads, but it takes a little longer because it is obviously it is in the country. The George is worth the drive in it’s self. The Columbia River is very impressive and has some beautiful scenery. It is also the biggest river in the Pacific Northwest.

Back to Multnomah falls, the exit is a little odd in this place. The exit is on the left and the parking is in between the right and left side of the Interstate, you have to walk through a walkway under the Interstate. Some of the facts about it are pretty interesting. They include… It is the second largest year around falls in the U.S. The falls are amazing! It has two drops to it. The first drop you can see from the road and it is beautiful by it’s self it is 542ft. The second drop you have to go into the park to see. It only is a drop of 69ft. Making the falls a total of 620ft. There is a bridge that goes over the top of the second falls that gives you a great view of it all. The falls are fed by underground springs on the mountain. The falls is said to mentioned in Lewis & Clarks journals on their expedition to the area. This is a must see in the Pacific Northwest.

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