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Day 3 of Summer Trip From Hell

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While we are at the hotel we decided that we should just rent a cabin for the last two days of our trip. We found a cabin at Cultis Lake at the Cascade lake scenic byway. I highly recommend driving the Byway, the lakes and the views are well worth the drive.

Back to Cultis Lake, we get our key to our cabin and start to back into our spot and I kid you not the people that we are stuck next to come bombing into the parking area and whip in behind us and park in our spot. It was very clear that we were backing in there was a car length between us. It was like in the movies where the kids whip in the parking spot and take out the cooler of beer and start being loud and drinking before they even set the cooler down. My husband handled the situation way better than I could have. I asked if he wanted me to ask them to move and he tells me no you are going to end up getting in an argument and then I will have to step in any way. He walked over an asked them to move politely. They moved the car with no argument and apologized.

We start to unload our stuff at the same time they did and within fifteen minutes, there is a lady yelling she lost her son. I yell over to them that he wondered over on our side watching us. He was setting on a big rock content watching us unpack plus, I thought that his dad was watching him because he was in his view. This routine happened at least five more times that night. I finally was like ok these people are not going to watch their son, I guess I will keep an eye on him. Finally, when it was starting to get dark his mom took him and started to try and get to sleep. I know this because you could hear him screaming and then the mom trying to calm him down and the dad getting mad. I told my husband that if this didn’t stop I was going to call the cops and have a well child check done, but he finally fell asleep. Now it was time to get my son to sleep because he couldn’t sleep with all the screaming and loud parents. Mind you this is at 2:00 am that I get my son to sleep and everything was good for the rest of the night.

The later that morning my husband woke up at about 6 am to let our dogs out and take a guess! My husband opens the front door and the little boy was standing in our door sucking his thumb and holding his blanket. My husband watches him while the dogs go potty and come in and put the dogs up. He tells me what is going on and takes the little boy back to his parents. His parents had no clue he was gone! I get up and decide to start cooking breakfast because the whole thing woke my family up. So we have to cook outside because of the way the cabins were. So I am cooking breakfast and sure enough the boy wanders over again. Now I am thinking ok, this boy is obviously safer in my view than his parents. So, I just let him be and play in the dirt with his truck he wasn’t hurting anything and was content.

We eat our breakfast and head out to explore. We ended up going to little Cultis Lake and did some fishing that was more or less my son casting and reeling back in. My son had a blast and that is all that mattered to us. By the time that we got back, our lovely neighbors had left. That night was very quiet, thank goodness. The next morning we get up and eat and decide that we were going to go rent a boat and go to the lake and go fishing. Well casting in our case. We had to take the little dogs with us on the lake with us. We get out in the middle of the lake and our littlest dog tried to jump in the lake. We were out there for about an hour and headed in because it got really choppy.

We get to our cabin and start to pack up to head home. Out of a week of vacation, we had one day that was smooth. It’s hard to believe that this trip was 6 years ago. I wish I was making some of this up, but there is just no way I am that creative.

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