Daily Barn Chores

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There will be morning chore and evening chores for the stables and this is what I have came up with so far. Your input is welcome, if there is anything I am missing pleas let me know.

Morning Chores:

  • Turn barn lights and on
  • Open barn doors (if weather allows)
  • Distribute the grain
  • Distribute the hay
  • Clean & Refill the water buckets
  • Check the fencing (In the field you will be putting the horses in for the day)
  • Put blankets on (depending on weather)
  • Put halters on
  • Walk horses out to pasture
  • Check water troughs out side
  • Clean stalls (while horses are out)
  • Get hay ready for distribution in the evening
  • Sweep isle ways
  • Drag the arena if needed
  • Check and make sure all doors and gates are shut
  • Turn off lights and radio


Evening Chores:

  • Turn barn lights and radio on
  • Open doors
  • Check water buckets
  • Distribute grain
  • Bring horses in
  • Take blankets off if needed or put on lighter blanket (depending on weather)
  • Check hooves (if there is a lot of debris clean out)
  • Take halters off
  • Distribute hay
  • Check all doors and gates
  • Turn off lights and radio

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