Christmas Day

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Christmas morning was quiet crazy! My niece and nephew were up before it was even light outside. My son wakes up around 8:30-9:00. So, getting up at the crack of dawn is not something we are use too. We get up and head to the living room in our p.j.’s and we find that my niece had started playing with her little kitchen that she got that my son and brother in-law put together the night before. My nephew is so excited he couldn’t hold still.

My sister in-law handed out the stockings and she had one for each of us. Before we left our house we opened our presents as a family so we were not expecting anything. My mother and father in-law live with them to help with the kids so it was actually a pretty big morning. The only person that was missing was B.J. the oldest brother.

My son loved his presents and my nephew and niece loved theirs and then we all got dressed after because we had to take Heather’s grandma to the airport. Heather decided to drive Jonny’s truck and we took Landon with us. He enjoys going for drives. I was sitting in the back seat with him and he played with my purse and ate french fries the whole time. When we dropped grandma off I switched to the front seat and Landon was not happy! We stopped at a local store and got some cold medicine for him and I sat in the back again so I could get him to drink it. Trying to trick this kid to take medicine is like try run through mud. I’m giving him his medicine and he looks at me and smiles and puts his hand on my cheek. This kid knows how to melt my heart!

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